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ecobasik - orange laundry powder soap

ecobasik - orange laundry powder soap

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100% natural laundry powder soap does not contain any synthetic detergents or fragrance. safe for you and the environment.

the most efficient way to be sustainable with the laundry is to only wash items when they are dirty. less washing increases the life of the items, saves on water and product which, in turn, saves your ‘pocket’. most importantly by reducing the amount of washing you are saving the environment.

directions - for both top & front loader machines sprinkle 1 tablespoon (15g) of powder onto the washing. 

there are a few things to keep in mind when doing the laundry without chemicals.

  • clothes/linen should smell of cloth not synthetic fragrances.
  • the warmer the water, the better the results. you can not wash greasy dishes in cold water. likewise you can not wash oily/dirty clothes in cold water without the use of chemicals. use the temperature guide from the items washing label.
  • for stubborn dirt you can pre-soak in an ecobasik™ liquid dish soap solution.
  • if you have ‘hard’ water more soap powder may be required.
  • using an acid fabric softener rinse helps remove soap residue from the washing machine and items washed.
  • if after using fabric softener rinse there is still soap residue on items then less soap powder is required.

ingredients - sodium carbonate, sodium tetraborate, sodium cocoate, orange essential oil.


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