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ecobasik - liquid dish soap

ecobasik - liquid dish soap

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100% natural liquid dish soap does not contain any synthetic detergents or fragrance. safe for you and the environment.

hand dish washing without chemicals - the advantages are huge, disadvantages minimal.

directions - add 30ml to average sink of hot water.

a few points to note about hand dish washing with soap. the whole family can now do the washing up without having to tolerate toxic fumes. no need to worry about getting your hands in the washing up water. even without rinsing you can be assured there will be no chemical residue on your plates/cookware.

  • minimal suds will be present - you don’t need bubbles to clean.
  • water may be cloudy due to natural minerals present in water.
  • soap scum will occur but should stick to sides of sink not items being washed.
  • rinsing is recommended to achieve a sparkling and squeaky clean.
  • for best results use ecobasik™ rinse aid, especially with hard water.
  • when finished, wipe sink with cloth to remove soap scum and rinse cloth out with a drop of ecobasik™ liquid dish soap.
  • if no gloves are used, please follow with a hand cream to maintain optimum moisture in your skin or a 1/2 pump of eco-castile foaming pump soap to moisturise.

n.b. - great for handwashing delicates and pre-soaking laundry.

ingredients - potassium olivate, potassium cocoate, orange essential oil.


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